What My Clients Are Saying...

[Lauren] helped me feel safe to share whatever came up. I looked forward to meeting with Lauren each week. She helped me … be vulnerable with her so I could get very honest with myself, which ultimately led to my growth. She has a nice blend of warmth and the ability to dig in to get to the heart of what is happening in my brain.


[Lauren] has a broad range of knowledge to infuse. I thought [my problem] was scheduling but I'm starting to see it's more mindset. [Lauren]'s such a compassionate speaker and easy to relate to and problem solve with. She has a broad range of knowledge to infuse in many areas such as business, finance, time management & relationships!


Lauren is a time queen, she changed everything for me. Lauren is an incredible coach because she can see past whatever you have going on in your life and in your brain and pinpoint who you really are. She's an incredibly intuitive coach who can sense what you truly want … she also has the concrete processes and systems … to make things happen.


Lauren helped me simplify my business while also growing it at the same time. She helped me binge and buffer less and gave me tools to call my brain out on thoughts I was having that were not at all productive. The weekly support was invaluable. I've made so much progress and look forward to continuing to work with Lauren.


When I hired Lauren I really thought she was going to help me "perfect" my schedule and stick to it. Instead I got so much more. She helped me create a schedule that works for me, that feels much more simple and streamlined, and really gave me permission to say "no" to many things. 

Lindsay Dotzlaf

Lauren helped me isolate the thoughts that were holding me back from getting the results I wanted. She helped me see that what I was really afraid of most of the time was my own feelings, and not something I couldnt deal with ("im down for hot cheeks, sweaty palms, tight jaw" was my mantra many times during our work together)


I love Lauren's belief in the model and her ability to show you where you're not believing. It was super eye opening! I created a massive course, with over 40 videos & 3 workbooks within 3 months while working almost full time in my business.


I felt so accepted as just myself. I could be completely messy with Lauren. All of me was always welcome in our coaching, and that alone is worth the price and then some.

Roxanne Little

I have only had a few sessions with Lauren and already am getting results! Thanks to her skilled coaching, I have taken action on a writing project that I have been avoiding for years. Through her powerful questions, we identified major blocks I was not aware of.


I have spent SO MUCH MONEY not getting my business started. This has been the most helpful of anything I’ve purchased in the last 5 years. I was happy to see you’re raising your prices.


Thanks so much for sharing your SCB course with us! It's really making me feel like the career that I want to have is both a thing and isn't going to mean that I have to sacrifice my financial goals (and those are not even very big in coaching/wellness industry terms!).


Lauren, this program is exactly what I needed right now. I can't tell you how grateful I am for you and that you're sharing your experience, skills, and offer with us! :-)


I've been binge listening to the Simple Coaching Business Private podcast - I love it! It's so practical and ...simple! I want this simple business 😅


I am SO much better at planning my time and doing what I said I'd do! Now I actually know what that process looks like. I've got 1 of my 3 client goal and 100% sure I'm going to hit the goal by the date I set.


I love how Lauren explains things in the program, so I feel prepared to create my own simple coaching business. It's such a relief to see how simple it can be!